The Company, named and styled as "INTRACHEM COMPANY" having its registered Office at Door No. 254 (New No. 184), Cutcherry Street, Erode- 638 001 (Tamil Nadu) is incorporated in the year 2004.

The main objective of the Company was initially to inhouse trading of Explosives and Accessories items including Ammonium Nitrate both domestically and to cater to the needs of the overseas customers also. The Company had separate Export Wing to handle the matters of Export Activities. To cite a few, the Company had exported the products to various countries such as Nigeria, Turkey, Sri Lanka and other far Western provinces.

The Company has also technical knowhow and expertise for mining operations with making use of the Explosives and Accessories. To cite a few, the Company has handled various Project jobs, Tunneling and Electricity Projects, Dam Sites etc etc. To speed up the activities, the Company had its own Pump Trucks for on the spot utilization of the mining operations.

The Company has its own fleet of Explosives Vehicles for transporting the Explosives and other Accessories items on contractual basis to the mining sites both on adhoc as also on permanent basis.

Apart from all the above, the Company is presently in the field of trading Easy Crack Powder - called CALCIUM HYDROXIDE C2 POWDER - to be used as Non-Explosive Demolition Agent, with latest technical systemized process of Cracking of Boulders, Concrete Slabs etc into pieces .Non-pollutionally without using any Explosives items for this purpose. The latest features of the product and the Merits are illustrated in the Attachment. The main features are quite useful and can be used for the purposes as specifically narrated for EASY CRACKING.